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Obama – the first female president?

For the past few months, I’ve made it a routine to come into the newsroom before sunrise. I sit at my desk, turn on the local news, go through my email, and browse the web for gasp-worthy news.   (Read more)

My  happy Valentine

I woke up this Valentine’s Day morning and quietly parted from the boyfriend. I didn’t want to wake him. In slow motion, I tip-toed through the hallway, into the kitchen and inside the pantry, where in a hidden corner and behind cleaning supplies I had stashed the goodies.  It wasn’t much, this surprise. Hanging from the refrigerator handle was a rolled up, homemade menu tied with ribbon. In it,  (Read more)

Take Charge Ladies – What’s in the name?

We know you lovely readers might be wondering why our site is named Take Charge Ladies and how we came to that decision. Here’s the inside scoop. When we first discussed developing a site for women, we thought it would focus on only young women in the corporate world. We soon came to realize that we were excluding so many talented, young women (not everyone is in the “corporate” world) and so many other issues that affect women. (Read more)

The modern feminist

Born in 1988, I was brought into this earth much too late to experience the women’s liberation movement. By the time I came around, I was already guaranteed the rights my preceding feminists had so perseveringly fought for. I, along with others my age, never fully appreciated the outcomes of the struggles, such as the women’s suffrage or even the fight for repoductive rights. And, unless you grew up during the movement, you can’t fully appreciate those things, either. The girls of my time took those rights for granted. We were spoon fed ideas that all was well now (Read more)


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