At work & school

Are you catty at work?

Let’s be honest here. Even the most confident, self-assured woman is stricken by a little jealousy at times. Maybe it’s something petty, like the last available chair at the meeting getting snatched by her. (Read more)

Dealing with co-worker rivalry

You’re an adult in a professional environment. But, don’t be fooled. If you’re young and successful, you’re bound to come by a few catty, intimidated women in the work place. Here’s your way to deal. Smile. People who attack others are confused when kindness is a comeback. They expect you to fight back… to stoop down to their level. Don’t. Show a catty co-worker that you’re all business at work, and that she’s just being childish. (Read more)

How Facebook can get you into trouble at work

 Oh, the wonderful era of social networking. We all love it. In fact, we can’t get enough of it. But if not used wisely, social networking sites like Facebook can and will get you into a bit of a pickle at work. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say or show it to your mother, keep it off Facebook.  (Read more)

Five tips for a recent grad 

A degree doesn’t guarantee a job: So you’ve done it. You’ve attended class day in and day out, and now you’ve graduated. Great. Pat yourself in the back and realize you’re now part of a society full of college graduates that are desperately searching for jobs. That little piece of paper you’ll get in the mail means close to nothing to employers.  (Read more)


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