Take Charge Ladies – What’s in the name?

By Nina of Take Charge Ladies

We know you lovely readers might be wondering why our site is named Take Charge Ladies and how we came to that decision. Here’s the inside scoop.

When we first discussed developing a site for women, we thought it would focus on only young women in the corporate world. We soon came to realize that we were excluding so many talented, young women (not everyone is in the “corporate” world) and so many other issues that affect women.

We changed our course and brainstormed for a name. “Take Charge Ladies” didn’t magically appear to us. It was a process – a very long, thoughtful process. We wanted something that was classic but modern. Encouraging but not condescending. Fun but not cutesy.  

Zai suggested that there is a power in three.  So, we decided to make our title three words. 

We both like to use magnetic poetry (have you tried it?) So, we took words or phrases that we thought best described young women and arranged them in different ways. Here are a few (trust us, there were a lot more) ideas that made the original list: 

  • Young Career Women
  • Young women in charge (Here’s where “charge” made its grand entrance)
  • Young women succeeding
  • Young Women Taking Charge
  • Take Charge Women
  • Ladies Take Charge
  • Take Charge Ladies (we have a winner!)
As soon as Take Charge Ladies appeared, we knew it was “the one.” Take Charge Ladies is both a descriptor and a direction. We’d like to believe  we -and you-  are “take-charge ladies,”  young women who work to  reach their goals. Even more, Take Charge Ladies is an admonition to you readers to “take charge” of your lives and make it (whatever ”it” may be) happen. 
Our tagline, “A young woman’s guide to conquering the world,” describes our mission. We, Nina and Zai, want to encourage you ladies to reach your goals, learn new thing, take pride in yourselves, and take charge in your lives. In other words, we want to help you conquer your own world.
We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve brought you. And, more so, we are glad to have you join us in “conquering the world.”

One Response to Take Charge Ladies – What’s in the name?

  1. Lenni says:

    Love the name you ladies picked Nina !

    P.s. I must meet you some day. Hopefully sooner than later. 🙂

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