Dealing with co-worker rivalry

By Zai of Take Charge Ladies

You’re an adult in a professional environment. But, don’t be fooled. If you’re young and successful, you’re bound to come by a few catty, intimidated women in the work place. Here’s your way to deal.

Smile. People who attack others are confused when kindness is a comeback. They expect you to fight back… to stoop down to their level. Don’t. Show a catty co-worker that you’re all business at work, and that she’s just being childish.

Be business-minded. You don’t have to act like best friends with her, but if you must talk business, be civil and professional. If she can help you at something work-related, or vice-versa, attempt to work together. However, if your attempts aren’t welcomed, move along. But remember, keep smiling.

Don’t overshare. There’s no need to tell her things about your personal life. You don’t want her to gossip about you or, even worse, try to ruin your reputation.

Small people talk about other people. If you trash-talk about her, the rumors may eventually get to your boss, which will probably see it as you’re disturbing the work environment. Talking trash about her to co-workers makes you look insecure. Just don’t.

Keep advancing. Don’t let silly work drama get you down. Those who put their energy into putting others down are wasting their time. Be mature and put your energy and time where it counts – at work.

Give credit where credit is due. If she does something worth congratulating her for, do it. Maybe you can teach her a thing or two about how she should be behaving at work.

Keep it at work. Don’t feel like you have to invite her to happy hour with you and your other work buddies. You may feel guilty about it at first, but you want to surround yourself with people of good quality. If she doesn’t fit that prerequisite, simply leave your relationship work-related. There’s nothing to feel bad about.


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