Tips to make it through your first move

By Zai of Take Charge Ladies

Packing: Pack first what’s necessary, then the optionals. Take the opportunity to sort through your belongings and donate the ones that are unused or unwanted. Make sure to wrap any fragile items with newspaper or bubble wrap. And, this may sound silly, but don’t forget to pack toilet paper. Trust me, I speak from experience!

Getting from point A to point B: Once you’ve packed, figure out how you will get your belongings to your new place, and who will help you (oh, and you will need help!) You can ask friends and family for help, or you can rent a moving truck and movers. Some truck rentals allow you to travel one way and drop off the truck in a location near your new home, which is something to think about if you’re traveling a long distance. And, if you’re moving because of business, ask your employer if they cover moving expenses.

 Budget: You’re going to want to purchase all sorts of appliances and decor for your new place. But hold your horses. Make sure to take note of your finances, first. Budgeting is extremely important when you’re living on your own. Calculate the following: Salary – (rent or mortgage + light bill + water bill + cable bill + internet and phone bill + car payment + insurance + bi-weekly groceries + gasoline). Split your leftover money into savings and personal expenses. Don’t forget to clip coupons and watch for deals and Sunday specials! Tip: Don’t grocery shop while shopping – you’ll end up buying more than you need. Also, generic brands can be just as good sometimes!

 Socialize: If you’re moving to a city far from your hometown, it will take time to pick new hang-outs, make new friends, and get adjusted. Once you’ve settled into your new space, it’s important to think about your social life. Get out there -whether it’s to a supermarket, bar, or library-  and talk to people around you. Ask young people about popular places. And don’t be afraid to go out by yourself!

Lose yourself: Turn off your GPS, put away your map, and get lost. It’s the best way to discover your surroundings and get to know your new neighborhood. Take note of places that look interesting, and finding your nearest fire and police station is a must.

Know your neighbors: It’s a good idea to exchange numbers with your neighbors, in case of emergencies. Know who lives where and who drives what. It doesn’t make you nosy, it makes you cautious!

Get a hobby: You might get homesick at times, which is why you should get a new hobby to keep your mind entertained during times of loneliness. Joining a gym or club is always a good idea and is a sure way to make you new friends.

Squeaky clean: As lazy as you may get sometimes, try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink over night or a full bag in the trash. You may find some unwanted pets in the morning!

Be free: Living alone is liberating. There’s no one to nag about your messy room, no one to intrude on your privacy and no one to judge you for singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun while painting naked in the living room. Everyone should live alone at one point simply because it’s liberating and allows for personal growth.


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