Timeless fashion DOs & DON’Ts

By Zai of Take Charge Ladies

Don’t be afraid to wear a little animal print at work. Make it subtle, but noticeable. Perhaps a pair of leopard pumps, or a zebra under shirt. In our book, animal print never goes out of style. It all depends how you wear it.



Do go with metallics, but beware! You need to balance out your statement makers. Pair one metallic with neutrals. You don’t want to look like an extra in a futuristic movie! And if you’re thinking  sequins, go with a simple silhouette. Don’t overload.



Don’t wear silly bandz. Why did this even become a topic for women’s fashion? They were made for children, ladies. They look, well, silly! If you own ‘em, it’s time to let go.



Do wear jeans the right way. If permitted at work, that usually  means dark, unripped,  full-length, and not too tight.  Out of the work place, a slightly distressed jean can work depending on where you go, but let’s try not to look like a complete mess.

Don’t skip out on accessories in the office. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you have to look like plain Jane. Leather, silver, gold and pearls are classic dos. And for the record, your shoes do not have to match your belt/purse.


Do show off your assets. Cleavage of any kind in the office is a definite don’t, but away from the office it can be a way to show off in a tasteful manner. And cleavage doesn’t have to mean breasts. Cleavage of the back, shoulders, legs and midriff is sexy too. Just make sure to pick just one area to show off, and make  it a “peek-a-boo” kind of effect, and not a “well, hello there” kind.


Don’t wear statements; make them! Clothes with words on them make you look like a billboard. Skip the clothes with words, especially the ones that declare your love for someone (Yes, I’ve seen a woman with an “I Love My Husband” shirt).



Do mix patterns and fabrics. If done correctly, mixing your palette can add spunk to your outfit. Mix small patterns together, or a big one with a small one. As fashion stylists say, it doesn’t have to match, it has to go.



Don’t believe whoever said you can’t wear white after labor day. The rule was actually made up years ago as an American symbol. These days, you’re actually encouraged to wear white after the holiday, especially winter white. So, go on and buy that white coat you’ve been thinking about. It’s totally fine!


Do always and forever remember that less is indeed more.  Make a fashion statement by letting one article of clothing stand out the most and then mix it with other fabulous clothes and accessories. Don’t throw on five fashion trends at once. If you do, the outfit will wear you instead of vice versa.



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