The modern feminist

By Zai of Take Charge Ladies

Born in 1988, I was brought into this earth much too late to experience the women’s liberation movement. By the time I came around, I was already guaranteed the rights my preceding feminists had so perseveringly fought for.

I, along with others my age, never fully appreciated the outcomes of the struggles, such as the women’s suffrage or even the fight for repoductive rights. And, unless you grew up during the movement, you can’t fully appreciate those things, either.

The girls of my time take those rights for granted. We are spoon fed ideas that all is well now; that women are not only equal, but dominating certain areas that had been male-dominated in prior years. My era –our era- is regarded to as the “post-feminist” era. The fight for equality is over, apparently, and feminism should be a thing of the past.

At least those are the things we hear.

Yet, I remember spending my mornings as a teen wondering why my mother still put out my father’s clothes, ironed it, cooked breakfast and washed the dishes all while he lied in bed with his eyes glued to the TV. I’d tell mom it was nonsense, but she’d reply with a “that’s just the way things are.” When the weekends arrived, my chore was to clean the entire house, while my brother’s was to put out the trash.

As an adult, I go to work meetings where videos show those who have successfully climbed up the corporate ladder – and at least 90 percent of them are males. My country, which I do love,  is for a health care reform that pays no interest to women’s reproductive rights. And statistics show that gender does matter when getting hired even at non-laborious jobs.

Truth is, feminism has been overlooked and shrugged off by the women of today, the 20- and 30-something-year-olds who feel like the fight for equality has been won. It hasn’t. We need feminism to strive.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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