Lizzi Miller – the Glamour photo that shook America

By Zai of Take Charge Ladies

On page 194 of the September 2009 issue of Glamour Magazine, there is a three-by-three inch photo that, in all its glory, stares back at the reader, who is probably speechless at the sight.

The photo stands out. It’s like no other photo in this magazine. And while millions of readers turn to this otherwise ordinary page for the first time, Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour Magazine, is receiving hundreds of emails from ecstatic readers.

Ironically, the extraordinary thing about this famous photo is that, in theory, its content is pretty darn ordinary.

Lizzi Miller, who in the photo looks like “the girl next door,” is sitting, laughing, relaxed, imperfect and untouched by the airbrush tools of a photo editing program. Her hair is in a messy ponytail, her stretch marks are visible, and her belly is hanging over her underwear. She’s not a size zero, nor does she depict the picture of “glamour” we’ve seen for years. Ms. Miller looks like, well, us.

The three-by-three that caused an uproar led to a revolution. A Glamour Magazine Body Image Revolution, that is. Bravo, Glamour, for getting on the road to change the meaning of your title, the meaning of what glamour is all about. 

And bravo, Ms. Miller, for stripping down to your beautiful, bare self and showing the world that glamour is not about sparkles, tiny waists and red lips. Glamour is about confidence. Confidence in your thoughts, confidence in your abilities, and confidence in your body image.


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