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A naughty, four-lettered word: Slut

“Slut.” For a short, four-lettered word, it’s pretty stinging, isn’t it?Even in the way it rolls out the tongue, with that hissing “s” and ends so abruptly with a crisp “T.” It almost leaves an unforgiving, burning tingle. Ah, what a word. I bring “slut” up because the word was tossed around like a rag doll during a conversation I had this past weekend. “She’s a big slut,” so-and-so said. “All your friends are sluts,” another said. (Read more)


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My mother, My heroine

In the spirit of National Women’s History Month, I’ll take a few minutes to mention a heroine you may not know of. This woman is not nationally known. She hasn’t won awards, discovered land or changed the world. She has, however, changed my world. And that makes her pretty heroic in my book.  It’s only natural that my heroine is my mother. She’s been a fighter since the moment she left the womb. (Read more)

To my generation: Why are you not interested in the news?

Reading the Sunday paper was something of a tradition growing up. My folks subscribed to Sunday’s El Nuevo Herald, the local paper for Spanish speakers. At the table, mom and I ate breakfast while dad skimmed through the paper almost in its entirety, mentioning the latest headlines. He’d mentally pick the stories he wanted to go back to later in the day. As I always did, I’d wait ‘til dad was done and out of sight to steal some sections of the paper. (Read more)

Celebrating courageous women journalists

Would you take a job that came with this warning: “Employer may be beaten, arrested, imprisoned or sexually assaulted”? For the love if their career, the following brave women journalists did. In early February, CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was brutally and sexually assaulted while on the job. The reporter was covering a celebration in Egypt’s Tahrir Square the night President (Read more)

Fashion & Beauty

Michelle Obama loves frugal fashion, and so do we

We can’t get enough of Michelle Obama’s chic fashion statements. And this month, we’re lovin’ her style even more after seeing what she wore on a recent appearance on NBC’s Today Show. The navy and white printed dress looked great on the First Lady, but our favorite thing about it? You can find the cute, breezy dress at your nearest H&M retail store for less than $40. This isn’t the first time Mrs.Obama dons something other that an expensive designer outfit. The First Lady loves bargain fashion from J. Crew, Gap and Target. (Read more)

Women to admire

Women in charge: Female presidents and heads of state

With President’s Day approaching, we felt the need to show you that yes, women can be great leaders. Just ask these fabulous female heads of state: Mary Patricia McAleese is the eighth and current President of Ireland. Prior to becoming president she was a barrister, journalist and academic. Tarja Kaarina Halonen is the 11th and current President of Finland. The first female to hold the office, Halonen had previously been a member of the parliament from 1979 to 2000 (Read more)


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Obama – the first female president?

For the past few months, I’ve made it a routine to come into the newsroom before sunrise. I sit at my desk, turn on the local news, go through my email, and browse the web for gasp-worthy news. Truth is, not much can get a gasp out of me. Today, though, I spotted something worth at least an eyebrow raise.  (Read more)

Are you stuck in college?

At the college I went to, it seemed as though most students were going for some sort of Van Wilder reputation. They were considered the “professional students.” The ones who had, for more than five or six years, been sitting in a chair with a desk attached to it. (Read more)

My  happy Valentine

I woke up this Valentine’s Day morning and quietly parted from the boyfriend. I didn’t want to wake him. In slow motion, I tip-toed through the hallway, into the kitchen and inside the pantry, where in a hidden corner and behind cleaning supplies I had stashed the goodies.  It wasn’t much, this surprise. Hanging from the refrigerator handle was a rolled up, homemade menu tied with ribbon. In it,  (Read more)

News & Commentary

Take Charge Ladies – What’s in the name?

We know you lovely readers might be wondering why our site is named Take Charge Ladies and how we came to that decision. Here’s the inside scoop. When we first discussed developing a site for women, we thought it would focus on only young women in the corporate world. We soon came to realize that we were excluding so many talented, young women (not everyone is in the “corporate” world) and so many other issues that affect women. (Read more)

News & Commentary

The modern feminist

Born in 1988, I was brought into this earth much too late to experience the women’s liberation movement. By the time I came around, I was already guaranteed the rights my preceding feminists had so perseveringly fought for. I, along with others my age, never fully appreciated the outcomes of the struggles, such as the women’s suffrage or even the fight for repoductive rights. And, unless you grew up during the movement, you can’t fully appreciate those things, either. The girls of my time took those rights for granted. We were spoon fed ideas that all was well now (Read more)

Women to admire

Lizzi Miller – the Glamour photo that shook America

On page 194 of the September 2009 issue of Glamour Magazine, there is a three-by-three inch photo that, in all its glory, stares back at the reader, who is probably speechless at the sight.The photo stands out. It’s like no other photo in this magazine. And while millions of readers turn to this otherwise ordinary page for the first time, Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour Magazine, is receiving hundreds of emails from ecstatic readers. Ironically, the extraordinary thing about this famous photo is that  (Read more)

Career center

How Facebook can get you into trouble at work

 Oh, the wonderful era of social networking. We all love it. In fact, we can’t get enough of it. But if not used wisely, social networking sites like Facebook can and will get you into a bit of a pickle at work. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say or show it to your mother, keep it off Facebook. Whether it’s that inappropriate picture of you in an itsy bitsy bikini or that crude status you wrote a week ago, all the content you put on Facebook will forever be saved in the wonderful world of Internet. (Read more)

At work & school

Dealing with co-worker rivalry

You’re an adult in a professional environment. But, don’t be fooled. If you’re young and successful, you’re bound to come by a few catty, intimidated women in the work place. Here’s your way to deal. Smile. People who attack others are confused when kindness is a comeback. They expect you to fight back… to stoop down to their level. (Read more)

At home

Tips to make it through your first move

Moving out of ma and pa’s is the first step to independency. As exciting and liberating as it may be, it takes lots of preparation – mentally, emotionally and physically. Here’s a guide for surviving your first move. Getting from point A to point B: Once you’ve packed, figure out how you will get your belongings to your new place, and who will help you (oh, and you will need help!) You can ask friends and family for help, or you can rent a moving truck and movers. Some truck rentals allow you to travel one way and drop off the truck in a location near your new home, which is something to think about if you’re traveling a long distance. And, if you’re moving because of business, ask your employer if they cover moving expenses. (Read more)

Fashion & Beauty

Timeless DOs & DON’Ts

Don’t be afraid to wear a little animal print at work. Make it subtle, but noticeable. Perhaps a pair of leopard pumps, or a zebra under shirt. In our book, animal print never goes out of style. It all depends how you wear it. (Read more)


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  1. Leanette says:

    Hi Zai & Nina! Consider me fan number ONE! I always follow Zai’s work and given that Nina is Zai’s friend, I can only imagine this blog will be great!

    Looking forward to reading all of your blogs!!

    ❤ , Lenni

  2. Gaby Blanco says:

    Hey! It looks great!!!

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